3. 8. 2008 puppies are born: 3 red males and 5 red females

MotherPīTakara Ken Amana             Father: Daimon Go Haru Kaze






Akai doma

Photos 30 days:

"A" team

at water all all at waterboys in the case boys boysGirls in the case girls girls

Photos 17 days:

all Three boys all puppiesBoys

Photos 3.8.:

First two puppies - boy and girl Two brothers We are three and we are hungryWe are still wet, but we stuff Guess how many sibs do we have in motherīs belly Did you tot up us yet? Motherīs care

boys names  : 
AITE           -   partner, companion
AJITA         -  unconquerable
AKAI          -  red

girls names:
ADEYAKA  -  bewitching
AI HIME      -  love princess
AIKEN        -  pet dog
AKO           -  my child
ANE           -  older sister